"The Multidimensional Singularities of Integrated Consciousness Define Core Philosophy of Advanced Extraterrestrial Civilizations."
Acrylic & Paint Pen on Canvas
36" x 48"
Believe it or not, the title is from an eponymously titled article that appeared in India Daily on July 29, 2009.

Anyway, in contrast to my "end times"-themed circular painting, this piece seems to be related to current scientific ideas concerning the origin of our universe (and has little to nothing to do with aliens, title notwithstanding), the nature of matter, and even the possibility that the conditions of our universe's existence might be a quasi-proof of the existence of multiple - or countless - universes.

I love that idea, but I'm more deeply in love with the simple fact - and it's as close to a objectively true FACT as a human idea can be - that we are made of dead stars and the by-products of dead stars, which are in turn the result of processes that took place upwards of 13-14 billion years ago (by current reckoning) in an unimaginably hot and dense state of matter that contained ALL the energy in our universe, catalyzed by a mysterious and powerful force - I presume - of nature.

This is of course my personal opinion, but the idea that a so-called 'multiverse' may indeed exist - a vast natural system where universal orders such as ours expand and contract like gravitationally bound bubbles in space, endlessly and eternally, with no true beginning and no true end - would, if found to be true, place the final nail in the coffin of the human idea that there is a God, much less the idea that God exists and is especially partial to select populations of Semitic hominids on planet Earth, or non-Semitic hominids who have appropriated components of Semitic and Pagan cultures.

I could be wrong too. D'oh!
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