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A recent experiment that I consider a success. This was obviously deeply inspired by the striped color field paintings of Washington Color School painter, Gene Davis. Some years ago I developed a simple but effective digital technique for producing works similar to this one. While those pieces proved reasonably popular, they looked quite anonymous to my eyes, and definitely lacked a Grunwellean stamp.

I wasn't keen on exploring these techniques with acrylic paint, so it wasn't until this past April that I settled on a method for creating satisfactory stripe-based color fields by hand. This is the result.

I am very interested in working on much larger scales, and in different aspect ratios. The ultimate execution of this concept involves a re-entry into the digital realm, and the subsequent printing of flawless versions of these pieces on bright, glass-like aluminum surfaces, such as those used by fellow Artomatic artist, Leslie Albin, whose work can be seen in space #190 on the 9th floor, and purchased at her Etsy shop.

If you're anything like me, you'll agree that glossy, metallic surfaces are absolutely ideal for work of this nature!

"Analog Color Field #1"
"Analog Color Field #1"
Marker & Acrylic Gloss Medium on Panel
30" x 12"