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SOLD! Please note: I would love to make further paintings on this basic theme and style, but perhaps even larger. Please contact me if you'd like to commission one, or even better, a diptych or a triptych.

From the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: "Empedocles was a philosopher and poet... regarded variously as a materialist physicist, a shamanic magician, a mystical theologian, a healer, a democratic politician, a living god, and a fraud. To him is attributed the invention of the four-element theory of matter (earth, air, fire, and water), one of the earliest theories of particle physics...

Empedocles’ world-view is of a cosmic cycle of eternal change, growth and decay, in which two personified cosmic forces, Love and Strife, engage in an eternal battle for supremacy. In psychology and ethics Empedocles was a follower of Pythagoras, hence a believer in the transmigration of souls, and hence also a vegetarian. He claims to be a daimôn, a divine or potentially divine being, who, having been banished from the immortals gods for ‘three times countless years’ for committing the sin of meat-eating and forced to suffer successive reincarnations in an purificatory journey through the different orders of nature and elements of the cosmos, has now achieved the most perfect of human states and will be reborn as an immortal. He also claims seemingly magical powers including the ability to revive the dead and to control the winds and rains."_

"The Empedoclean Fire"
"The Empedoclean Fire"
Acrylic & Paint Pen on Canvas
40" x 40"